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BullishKid and Friends Jul 5 at 20:19

Stopped for now in profit. Will evaluate again

Original post: https://t.me/bullishkid/460
BullishKid and Friends Jul 5 at 20:00

closed again rip staying out for a bit

Original post: https://t.me/bullishkid/459
BullishKid and Friends Jul 5 at 19:11

took the long again-brudlee

Original post: https://t.me/bullishkid/458
BullishKid and Friends Jul 5 at 12:06

that was the first time my indicator was wrong in a few weeks. Nevertheless I think $BTC still looks good. Holding on to my long

Original post: https://t.me/bullishkid/454
BullishKid and Friends Jul 5 at 12:01

https://www.tradingview.com/x/wVEs6Bqj/by morkin at 38 sats with my phone.Lets hope CZ keeps it in the normal rythm. pamp

Original post: https://t.me/bullishkid/453
BullishKid and Friends Jul 4 at 19:02

added few more positions as my indicator says pump.Lets see.Stop raised to a bit above entry

Original post: https://t.me/bullishkid/452
BullishKid and Friends Jul 4 at 08:16


If someone mentions he made 4000$ profit on his ticket he should also mention that he lost 3000$+ on his $BNB holdings while having only a 50% Chance for the ticket.

Gambling on 50/50 has a better risk reward.

Original post: https://t.me/bullishkid/451
BullishKid and Friends Jul 4 at 07:56

5 minutes for $ERD to start trading. Expect huge volume draining from most of the market. If your coin isn’t at support - it probably goes there. (Hope that support holds ;) )There may be some coins - especially the other IEOs that could still do good. (CELR probably has the most interesting chart) But in my eyes - let’s watch first and react. No need to gamble

Original post: https://t.me/bullishkid/450
BullishKid and Friends Jul 4 at 06:14

Transparent as you know me. My long for my smoll challenge account. Had bids down to 102 that sadly never hit. But not a bad start either way.

Original post: https://t.me/bullishkid/449
BullishKid and Friends Jul 3 at 10:20

As mentioned in the chat I started a 0,1 to 10 BTC challenge trying out BYBIT.I am ONLY trading BTC:USD there for now. As you have to deposit the token you wanna trade (weird).Currently in a long from 104/105.HTF structure looks bullish af imo.

Why bybit and not mex? No overload, nice UI and I wanna test it.Can try it out if you want with some free $$ from them.https://www.bybit.com/app/register?affiliate_id=1623&language=en&group_id=0&group_type=1

Original post: https://t.me/bullishkid/446
BullishKid and Friends Jul 2 at 14:00

Cloudflare is currently down.Bitmax, bitfinex and bitmex therefore may have loading issues or show an error.

Original post: https://t.me/bullishkid/441
BullishKid and Friends Jul 2 at 13:20

BTC s/l moved to break even

Original post: https://t.me/bullishkid/440
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